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KPI And Marketing

Does Strategy, Marketing, Business Intelligence, And Kpi Go Hand In Hand?

Whenever we talk about the design and implementation of marketing strategies, whether traditional marketing or online marketing and social media, they appear associated in the marking and planning of the annual objectives, concepts of measurement, monitoring, monitoring … metrics and analytics or analytics and essential metrics to control the “health status” of our business model.

It is now when the world of data is more latent. Of the data that must be transformed into information. From information to knowledge, and from knowledge to Insights. To help make business decisions of high value and impact.

It is precisely in this phase, where digital marketing is integrated with Business Intelligence, where the term KPI acquires all its potential and usability. It is where the KPIs help to take charge of the business, to grow and be profitable by working the ROI

What Is A Kpi In Digital Marketing?

In this post, we will not focus on marketing-oriented KPIs, but we must not forget that a company must also establish and implement a financial, commercial, process, quality, human resources indicators or KPI.

Everything will depend on the type of company, the business model, and the sector in which we operate.

KPI is an acronym for “key performance indicator.” It defines those variables, factors, metrics we consider for measuring certain aspects of our company. These variables influence the profitability of the company and go a long way to determine how well or poor a brand is doing. It is considered by companies that offer services of seo bangkok to show the progress of seo.

The establishment of KPI’s in a company usually results in a Scorecard or Balanced Scorecard, a tool that would collect the main marketing or company indicators at the managerial / presidency level. And later at the impact area level: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media.

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