James Bond Shoulder Holster Made With Love!

The holster shoulder brown leather James Bond (Daniel Craig) on the  displayed Spectrum | Spotern

If you’re a fan of James Bond, then you’ll love our new shoulder holster! This product is made with the love of our team and for the 007 community. We designed it to be comfortable and stylish, perfect for any occasion. You won’t regret giving it a try!

How James Bond Holster Was Made

In the early days of the Bond movie series, shoulder holsters were a necessary part of any agent’s arsenal. The early designs for the Bonds were based on the original Colt revolver holster and were made with a variety of materials and methods.

One of the first holster makers to create James Bond holsters was Kirkpatrick Custom Armory in Scotland. In 1961, they produced the first ever belt-fed pistol holster and it was used in both The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. The company has continued to produce high-quality shoulder holsters ever since.

How To Make a James Bond Holster

If you’re looking to make your own James Bond holster, these are a few things you need: a firearm, a belt, and some supplies like wire cutters and clamps. To begin, find your firearm and print out or have electronic images made of the revolver’s safety catch diagram or other pertinent information. Next, take your gun off its weapon rack or mounting device and glue or screw one end of the firearm’s barrel onto one end of your belt (this will be called “the +1” end). Next, use pliers or wire cutters to slice through the security ring around your waistband so that it is easily accessible (this will be called “the -1” end). Finally, thread the muzzle of your firearm through one hole on either side of this protective band (so that it hangs down behind you) and then secure it with some type of clamp or other means ensuring proper firearm orientation during use.

The next step is too sure that each hole in your band is placed so that it forms an even curve when looked from front to back (i.e., if one hole is higher than another hole, your band may look crooked). Now that all holes have been created on either side of your band, gently place this middle section over the top of each handgun rounder, making sure not to damage them too much while still allowing easy access to fire while wearing this holster!

How To Use James Bond Holster

When you are wearing a james bond shoulder holster, always make sure the holster is adjustable to fit your body. Make sure to use it for Tactical purposes and that the holster can be worn over any clothing you might wear.

If you plan on storing your handgun in a James Bond holster, be sure to put it in a safe place that is moisture-free and has ventilation. You can also store your handgun in an airtight container or bag designed specifically for handguns.

When using a James Bond holster for Tactical purposes, always remember to keep the gun facing forward so it will be easy to see when drawing and firing. And be sure to use proper safety techniques when engaging in combat or shooting at targets.


Making a James Bond holster is an important part of any law enforcement officer’s arsenal. The holsters are designed to protect the weapon from damage and to allow for easy access to it when needed. Each holster has its own unique features that make it perfect for the individual law enforcement officer.

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