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Reasons Why You Should Use 1911 Holster OWB For Your 1911 Pistol

Why 1911 holster OWB?

Concealment is one of the properties you should keep in mind if you carry any firearm regularly. If you possess the 1911 pistol, then the 1911 holster OWB is one of the best choices. The profile of your firearm is a crucial point when you are considering using it regularly. Also, you must have proper concealment of your firearm while carrying them. The holster you choose must suit both your body and the firearm. It helps to ensure that the holster is well-fitted with the firearm you are using.

For people posing the 1911 pistol, it is better to use the 1911 holster OWB. Using this model as your holster is more advantageous to both your body and your 1911 pistol. With the 1911 holster OWB, you can carry your 1911 pistol comfortably. When looking for proper concealment of your firearm, it is crucial to keep an eye on the holster model. Various models of holsters are available for the same model of pistol. The user can select the holster they need for their pistol. Other than concealment, there are many other points to consider when purchasing a holster.

The convenience, comfort, how long you have to carry them, the material with which it is made, etc… are some of the points you have to keep in mind while purchasing a holster for your pistol. OWB model holsters help you to carry your firearm without making much contact with your skin. That is why most people tend to use the OWB model of the holster. With the OWB model holster, you can draw your pistol easily out of the holster. With this model, you don’t have to worry about any problems associated with the skin while carrying the pistol.

Loose-fitting dresses are the best when you are carrying an OWB holster. All you need is a waist belt of proper thickness that can hold up the weight of the 1911 pistol. It helps to carry the 1911 pistol easily without worries. The thickness of your waist belt is crucial because it should be able to carry the weight of the pistol. Or else, it will make your pant sag. Always ensure that you place the 1911 pistol on your dominant side. It helps you to draw them quickly and easily. Carrying the 1911 pistol on the dominant side allows you to draw and trigger them easily.

Other than OWB holsters, you can also use cross-draw holsters on your dominant side. Starting from drawing to triggering and aiming at the target, everything has to be done in split seconds. That is why it is advised to carry your pistol on the dominant side. Using OWB holsters means you can carry the pistol in the same position for a long time. It means once you have set the position of the holster with your waist belt, it will not create any movements. Also, it is one of the secured positions to carry a pistol safely.

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